Vlog for November 18th!

Fabrics talked about in the video:
Viscose/Cotton Plaid
Birch interlock knits

All the Ottobre 2016 editions are available in-store (working on the online listings, and they will be up soon!)  If you would like to add it to an online purchase in the meantime, you can email us to add it to your order (please do this before you put your order through, so that we don't have to charge you twice and to give you a more accurate shipping rate in case it changes it!) We have English, Finnish and French copies.

Have you started your Christmas giftmaking?  Already done?  Either way, warm clothes are definitely on everyone's mind, I'm sure.  After an abnormally warm first half of November for us in Thunder Bay, I think a lot of us were in denial; but after our first winter storm of the season (we ended up with way more snow after the video was shot!) it is definitely a big kick in the rear to any of us who haven't done much winter crafting yet.  I have a bunch of knitting projects on the go, too.  A toque, a pair of slippers, a pair of socks, planning a sweater, it just never ends guys.  It never ends.  As far as addictions go, it could be worse!

As the weather is getting colder and we're cooped up inside more, and the days are shorter, it's important to keep our hands busy.  The warmth of an iron and sewing machine, the clicking of knitting needles, or the meticulous needlework of hand embroidery, or whatever your hobby may be, enjoy this time to indulge in it, for your mental health.

Enjoy the weather as best you can, wherever you're at!  Don't forget your winter tires!  ;)