Featuring: Hemp/Organic Cotton Jersey!

Pretty well as soon as these came in, the red sold out right away! I'm so lucky to have brought home just enough for that awesome shirt.

I'm so excited to wear these, right now they're on display in the store, but by the time I take them home the summer heat will guarantee these will get worn! It is VERY easy to work with, but it is a lighter weight knit, so you have to make sure your BALLPOINT needle is on the fine side. Careful when seam ripping, it's better to pull the bobbin thread out, rather than accidentally shredding the fabric with the seam ripper.  Use stretch stitches (even if it's a simple zigzag), or a twin needle, to make sure everything stretches without breaking the thread!

Do some test sewing on some scrap to make sure your stitches are nice, and take extra care that everything is with the grain. Especially with the stripe, I highly recommend cutting your pattern out on one layer, not folded over. If you find the fabric twists even after washing, give it a good tug on the bias in the opposite direction, and it'll straighten out.

If you use interfacing, a knit interfacing will do fine; if you have to use woven, use it on the bias. Clear elastic is great for stabilizing seams (for example shoulder seams.)  Don't be afraid to machine wash and dry this, as always do it FIRST, as it does shrink, but also softens up really nice after! Hemp is known for softening up more the more it's washed! Also, I know some people don't press knits (they should,) this presses nicely, but USE A PRESS CLOTH! Hemp is notorious for getting iron-shine. It was quite noticeable on the black when I forgot. Oops!

So give the fabric a try!  Although these two shirts I made for myself, the colours that remain would make some AWESOME menswear!  The visual texture and earthy colours suit men and boys really well, while the drape makes it a great feminine choice too.

Enjoy, and happy sewing!