Organising our spring sewing!

It's March, and after a crazy week last week with the store's anniversary on the 1st, I have some time now to settle in and think (at least a little).  Despite the blowing snow outside today (that's Thunder Bay's March weather for you, it was rain and thunderstorming yesterday) spring IS coming!!  My dog is blowing her coat, and I'm getting advertisements for seed catalogues, so it must be true!

The changing season gets me really excited to sew and craft.  There is a whole different "vibe" when I'm creating for warm weather vs cold weather, is it the same for you?  I love fall and winter fashions, in fact I wear "fall" colours year-round, but being able to show off a dress or fun t-shirt without a bulky coat over top is also something to look forward to!  When the season changes, are you the type to plan your projects ahead, like with capsule wardrobes and the like, or do you just sew when inspiration strikes?

I would love to hear your creative process!

Personally, I'm the spontaneous type.  To a fault, really!  I've tried to be more organised with my craft projects, I really have.  I envy people who can maintain idea boards and plan their projects in advance and actually complete them when they say they will.  But that's just not how my brain works!  I have to force myself to COMPLETE something, or several somethings, before starting another something.  Otherwise things just pile up.  Sewing for my kids is totally different though; I generally have a much easier time starting and completing their clothes before jumping to the next project too soon.  I think the fact that they could potentially grow out of it by the time it's done if I get distracted for too long is a motivating factor!  And yes, that has definitely happened.  When I find a knitting project still on the needles and remember I had cast on the 18M size (when they were wearing 12M)  and my kid is way past 2...  Yep, it's happened more than once!

If you have in mind what you want to make, or if you're the more spontaneous type, check out what's in store.  Maybe something on SALE tickles your fancy, or maybe one of our NEW fabrics will help you achieve the look you're after this spring.

For the locals, there is an extra bonus:  Sewing sessions and lessons for students during March Break are on sale, too!  Contact the store for details!

Edit:  What is the difference between a lesson and a sewing session?  Lessons are for instruction, sessions are for gentle guidance.  This is a new format we're trying out. A lesson is typically for a beginner or someone learning a new technique and who will require a teacher totally hands-on.  Much more structured.  A session is more casual, for someone who is a little more advanced or just needs someone there to help as the need arises but is otherwise independently sewing.  This is great for when a couple friends want to get out of the house to sew or craft but also want someone there to lend a hand.  Remember too, for those that are totally independent but just need the space, we also rent out by the hour!